Saturday, 24 September 2011

Cik In

CB and simple entry

Cik In will be perform today dalam msia Grand prix and hopefully its not be the last before the Sea Game. Hopefully, before november she will be have another competition. So, wake up early gile this morning to help her make a usual, she become nervous and tak boleh pk ape2 dah....hahaha..

So bla..blaa...siap la simple sandwich for Cik In. The competition will be start at 9am, but 7.30am she already moving to BJ.Insyaallah, CB and FF akan tgk (kene tunggu FF bangun dulu sbb dia tido lambat smlm tgk drama melayu dgn CB) so, next entry i will be update the result.mudah2'an...

hopefully she can perform as well as she can.chaiyok2 fighting with Indonesian and Filipino can do it! Insyaallah...

ini la Cik In
msia pole vault atlete & my housemate
pic * (ASIAN GAME, DOHA, 2008)
personal best : 4.40m di Bacelona

with love

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